Summary of our discussions

Hi, thanks for coming to the meeting yesterday. As promised, here is a summary of our discussions to date. It would be very useful please if you could incorporate the verbal feedback you gave us yesterday into your comments, to help us with the new course approval process.

The ‘big picture’ – a changing environment for marketers:

  • what is real and what is rhetoric in the new language of marketing?
  • what is the impact of emerging far east markets as both customers and suppliers?
  • what are now the viable alternatives to mass marketing and how can effective change be implemented?
  • how can PR be managed effectively in a networked world?
  • what is the likely impact of new and pending legislation on marketing activities?
  • how can new web-based tools be utilised to research your customers?
  • how can marketers achieve a more effective appreciation of finance and statistics?

The topic areas we considered to be most applicable to cover in our new executive courses are:

  • capturing data
  • manipulation of data and the value of data
  • achieving customer insight
  • the role of new media
  • lifestage marketing – engaging with different demographic groups in a meaningful way
  • viral marketing in the networked era
  • marketing metrics
  • value for money marketing
  • delivering the customer value proposition
  • multichannel marketing
  • web analytics   



One Response to “Summary of our discussions”

  1. Dick Stroud Says:

    Some thoughts about our meeting.

    I think there is significant difference in the motivations of somebody wanting to attend a training session on a ‘hot’ subject compared to somebody wanting further education resulting in an award, like an MSc. I suspect the purchase of the one-off session will be driven by the individual whilst the modular MSc will originate from the bowels of HR. (i.e. it will result from the need to offer their senior managers a training development route)

    The content of some of the session might be similar but the way they are pitched will need to be very different. I was concerned that during our discussions we were mixing up these two products. I also suspect that the expectation and tolerance to the length of the modules will be different. I think it is going to be difficult to get a senior marketer to attend a three day session on a specific topic.

    I doubt if there is very much connection between either of these types of modules and the degree level content.

    I think the difference between the two lists that we created is that the first one attempted to select and describe the subjects on the basis of: “what are the topics that senior marketers believe they need to better understand”. The second list is probably a more accurate reflection of what they really need to understand, but I doubt if the subjects would engender a great deal of excitement or demand. A very personal view.

    Sorry for the waffling approach. Bottom line is I would not mix issues of deciding what subject would sell, in the context of executive training, with how to format a continuing education senior manager master’s degree.
    To give yourself a feel of the current hot topics you could do a lot worse than look at the last 12 months of the HBR and the McKinsey Quarterly to see the marketing subjects they have covered.
    Dick Stroud

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