Reflections on week one of CCK08

I’ve spent quite a bit of time surfing around CCK08 this week, and for me the highlights so far are:

  • Finding some very knowledgeable and helpful people (and sheep!) to learn from.
  • Playing with some great new tools as recommended by the course leaders or participants, for example Bubbleply (to add comments to videos) and Wordle (colourful word clouds)
  • George’s expression ‘the digital love-fest’ which is surely a key word to end all keywords and will do wonders for our Technorati status J
  • I also liked the way Antonio Fini turned his learning from the week into a story which was an entertaining and  non-threatening way of presenting some quite heavy material.
  • Observing the range of online communication skills (or lack thereof…) on display. It’s amazing how quickly you can get a sense just from a few words on a blog or forum if someone is helpful, knowledgeable, being constructively critical, likes the sound of their own voice too much, or is just plain rude…. one of the findings from our Punch Above Your Weight project was that people who were effective face to face networkers were also good communicators online, and it seems that the converse may also be true…

A lot of people have commented on the volume of material to plough through – this was not too much of a problem for me because I really don’t care if connectivism is a theory or not (sorry Stephen and George!) so I have skimmed many of these discussions. My interest is in finding out how learning and teaching are changing in our networked world, and what this means for how we can structure and conduct our courses to engage with our students most effectively. Looking forward to week 2…

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One Response to “Reflections on week one of CCK08”

  1. arielindotcom Says:


    Inhad thatsame sensation of being able to sense what a person is like from their posts, comments and blogs. When some said Tweete, etc. were too short I thought perhaps that’s all the taste we need of a post or an opinion. But then I realized that even if some folks seem rude or seem to make the skeptic label a badge of honor they’re unwilling to unpin it may just be because they are out of their element. The key word I keep coming back to in all of this is context. Our own discomfort with the experiences of the process of forming networks and the discomfort of others finding their voices or perhaps changing the timbre of them for the first time , Are all part of struggles with context, theirs and ours. So I jave been trying to dig past the twitted-sized messages folks send in even their most abrupt responses and seeing if there is something to be gathered from their perspective coming from a context other than my own. That may be a learning in itself. Paul

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